Extreme Home Makeover: Firenze

Most know that Florence is world renowned for it’s beautiful craftsmanship in clothing and leather, however what most are not aware of is that they are also home to some of the world’s most beautiful home decor shops. Through Exclusive Fashion Tours, you will be able to take notice of the unique and highly specialized home furnishing locations Florence has to offer. We are taking you on a journey to the top places to decorate your home for your next home remodel or room updates; so pack your bags and prepare for the trip of a lifetime!

bartolozziemaioli1Bartolozzi e Maioli | 5/r Via de Velluntini, Firenze |

Start your afternoon off at Bartozzi e Maioli after visiting the Boboli Gardens and enjoying lunch at the well known, Trattoria 4 Leoni. Bartolozzi e Maioli was started in 1938 and is located at 5/R Via de’Velluttini in Florence, Italy. The shop is nested between restaurants and apartments giving it a very unique location on a side of the Arno River that many do not explore. Their main focus is restoring pieces that are important to history but they also have many items for sale.

Stepping into this shop, you become surrounded with various products to decorate your home. Walking through their showroom, you will see all sorts of items and are guaranteed to find something that will suit your home.  Some of the items that they have for sale include frames, statues and chandeliers in various shapes, colors, and sizes. This is definitely a must see in Florence and Exclusive Fashion Tours will help you find the perfect accent pieces for your home.


Ceramiche D’Arte Parrini | Via Roma 22/r, Firenze |

While walking through Piazza della Signoria, you come across many magnificent sculptures, a beautiful clock tower, and the famous Gucci Museum. This scenic walk then takes you down a quaint alley way leading to the small shop Ceramiche Parrini. The store is slightly hidden and small. Standing at the front of the store you get a feeling of antiquity and delicacy. The window display is filled throughout with all the glass products finely detailed and colorful.

Ceramiche D’Arte Parrini is run by Maestro Lauro Parrini and his family. All of their products are hand-made and unique. The sunny colors are perfect to brighten up anyone’s home.These pieces are all one of kind and made through the traditional mould and Potter’s wheel methods. Each product is different from another and so much thought and detail is put into each. This is what makes this quaint store stand out from the rest and give it the reputation that it has.


Riccardo Barthel | Via dei Serragli, 234/R, Firenze |

After an afternoon enjoying ceramics and highly unique design pieces, it is time to stop off for a gelato break at La Strega de Nocciola near the Ponte Vechio before embarking on a walk through the Oltrano to Riccardo Barthel. This store is more than just a showroom displaying kitchens, bathrooms, and exquisite dining spaces. Riccardo Barthel’s mission is to “continue in their own unique style to produce and furnish homes, yachts, any environment while respecting the values and traditions of Florentine craftsmanship.” Since Riccardo Barthel has been open since 1976, it has two generations worth of tradition in each piece. The family strives to keep the design high quality, traditional, while maintaining an evolving style for global clients.

While roaming through the studio, one will encounter the uniqueness to each piece that is displayed. Each bathroom vanity appears as a piece of furniture with beautiful wood detailing and Barthel’s own knob designs as well. Even the kitchens have hand painted tile backsplashes and cabinets that have been designed in the back studio. It is clearly very easy to spend hours in this space designing the perfect room in your new country home in Tuscany or yacht.

The Oltrano location features a workshop in the back where you can see the pieces you have chosen for your home being made right before your eyes. A team of architects and interior designers work on each detail to make sure that your every request is fulfilled. Every piece reflects the beautiful Florentine artisan style–almost guaranteeing you will fall in love with your newly redecorated home.


Mario Luca Giusti | Via Della Vigna Nuova 88/r, Firenze |

When you wind down the street, Via Della Vigna Nuova, you will be surrounded by small designer boutiques to peruse and quaint Italian restaurants to stop by for a quick cappuccino and panino.  At the end of the street you will find Mario Luca Giusti, hidden in a small corner store brimming with color.  The minimalistic displays such as, white shelving and clean lines work to accentuate each product.  These pieces are represented with class and elegance; enticing you to want that dish or platter in your home.

Mario Luca Giusti, the founder, was born and raised in our very own Florence, Italy.  He came into a family that was very well off and thus became exposed to a lot of culture and a lavish lifestyle. His family also, owned a small footwear company since 1865 which he later took over introducing Mario to the business world. When he was 16, he moved to Milan and became the assistant to a tailor named Germana Marucelli who introduced him to high-end Italian style and helped him develop a creative eye. He began Mario Luca Giusti in 2005 and later opened his flagship store in 2012, here in Florence at its current location. So just like Mario himself, Mario Luca Giusti was born and raised right here in Florence by a genuine Florentine man, so you know you are getting a true Italian product with that very special Italian flare of craft.

This synthetic crystal dish-ware has all of the glamour of crystal aesthetics, with all of the practicality of acrylic materials.  Originally, this sort of design was intended for use at picnics and while sitting poolside, but in this day and age Mario Luca Giusti’s housewares items are meeting the desire and need for ease in entertaining and decorating. The wide array of colors appeal to any color pallet and are guaranteed to knock the esteem of your hosted event up a notch.  It might even be fun to have a table for the kids, where they too can eat over their synthetic crystal plates while reminiscing about last weeks play date.

With all of the production and design being done in Florence, you are assured of the quality craftsmanship of the product.  Peering through a window at a pitcher or set of cups will have you second guessing whether it is crystal or not.  Why not come in can find out for yourself?  With Christmas and New Years looming around the corner, you have ample opportunities to show off your new dishes while setting a gorgeous dinning table at your annual dinner events or even to gift a host of a party you attend.  Let Exclusive Fashion Tours guide you into Mario Luca Giusti to find you perfect table set.


Signoria Interiors | Firenze |

Before heading to the last stop of the day, make sure that you are taking in all the gorgeous sceneries of Florence while enjoying the day of shopping. Florence is a one of a kind city blending gorgeous style and archetecture for a perfect trip for any seasoned traveler. Thus,  a luxurious home is not complete without high-class furnishings and accessories from Signoria Interiors. The ultimate luxury home decor showroom in Florence is located on Borgo Ognissanti 16/18R, near the Fiume Arno, the extravagant Villa Medici, and the exquisite Chiesa Ognissanti right along the outskirts of the center of Florence. Since 1930 this company has crafted some of the world’s most luxurious house decor and furniture in Italy that is literally fit for a king.

Signoria Interiors is significant for its intricate textile designs in which represent true royalty. Not only can you find furniture made crafted from some of the most precious textiles, but you will also find decor trimmed with gold, finely crafted sculptural art, and exoctic furs and leathers to bring your interior designs to life. However, if you are not sure of an interior design plan do not worry, because Signoria Interiors offers some of the world’s most renowned interior designers and architects to aid you in creating the most beautiful home you can imagine.

Do you any of these unique locations sound enticing for your next home makeover?! Don’t forget to check out Exclusive Fashion Tours for everything luxury in Florence, from gorgeous leather jackets and bags to the best home interior stores for the trip of a lifetime! Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook which store is on your go-to list and if therre is anything else you think we missed!






Spotlight: Loretta Caponi

Once in a while, we love bringing to you an exclusive spotlight on one of the many talented designers in Florence. Exclusive Fashion Tours will bring your fashion dream to a reality.

IMG_9890 2 Loretta Caponi began embroidery in her childhood.  At the young age of 14, Loretta began to deliver her first creations.  In the 50s, she found new clients in Roma fashion shows and was influenced by the Florentine art league.  Finally, in 1967, she opened her first atelier in Borgo Ognissanti.  In the 70s, while fashion was turning to synthetic fibers, Caponi used and cotton, linen, and silk.  This is a practice that still holds true in her company today. Loretta’s daughter, Lucia, has been an active part of the company throughout her childhood. Once she was studying at a university, Loretta expressed her need and desire to have Lucia join her in running the business. Currently, Lucia is now heading the company.

Loretta Caponi sits at the end of Piazza degli Antinori right across from Chiesa dei Santi Michele e Gaetano and then to the left of Hermes. Loretta Caponi is where classic fashion meets historic Italian, based on it’s location alone. All down Piazza degli Antinori is high end fashion brands that basically define the fashion industry in new and personal ways. Such as Chanel, Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Pucci, Tommy Hilfiger and a few others. Location, location, location is very important to a store,  it shows how valuable the merchandise it carries is because it’s put in such a prestigious line up. The stores display is simple, yet welcoming; you get more of a vibe that they sell classic lingerie and intimates rather than houseware goods.


Upon walking into Loretta Caponi, there is a display of delicate, hand made slippers and an old school couch, it automatically has a homey feel with it’s warm, wooden floors and display shelves. Scattered about are vintage toys and props making it look like you are walking into someones house. Each display they have is set to look like a scene directly out of someones house and gives off a cozy feel throughout the store.

The floor is filled with open closets of samples of high end lingerie and pajamas like silk robes and lace nighties. There is one of each piece in the closets because they are just samples of their work; they are mostly a client based company. They have customers come in and get measured for their clothes and it is all custom made to their needs. They have tables to conduct business and meet with clients located throughout the store; nighties and lingerie, bedding and table cloths, children’s clothes, children’s bedding, and children’s accessories. Under the glass of each table, they have pictures of their past clients, so you know how important each client is to Loretta Caponi and you are aware of the fact that they would like it to remain a family business.


One can see the tailoring laboratories while shopping, and if lucky enough, you’ll get to walk through and see the women at work. They have four women, one sketches and prints the image on the fabric with dye, the second cuts the fabric, the third embroiders and sews the fabric into the garment, and the fourth irons the garment and applies the finishing touches. Loretta Caponi doesn’t have new collections like other high end brands, because they are mostly personal/client based; afterall, a client can customize any product they find in the store. However, they create new design samples for the sale floor.  They are currently working on a safari collection with animated, comical animals embroidered on pillows, cloths, bedsheets, etc.

IMG_9902 2

Overall, Loretta Caponi is a beautiful, vintage style store with a very welcoming, family oriented staff that creates a desire to purchase one of their custom items. All of the garments and household goods have a personal touch making them all the more special and will be cherished forever by whomver purchases a handmade Loretta Caponi item.

Would you love to visit Loretta Caponi for a custom fitting? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook & Twitter!



Fashion Forward: Kid’s Edition

When you think of Florence, Italy, your mind may not go right to couture fashion for children, but it should. Florence is filled with many wonderful stores for children that can offer beautiful clothing for any occasion! From fashionable casual attire to tailored special event dresses and suits, Florence truly has it all.

Begin your morning while slowly sipping a cappucino with a freshly baked croissant on your hotel balcony. Absorb the beauty of Florence surrounding you, before heading off for a day of children’s shopping at some of the world’s best boutiques. We will lead you through this dream day for both parents and loved ones!


Monnalisa-branding-banner-Fall-Winter-09-10 (1)

Monnalisa | Borgo Pinti, 27, Firenze |

After visiting the Uffitzi located near Piazza della Signoria, you can walk on Via dei Calzaiuoli heading towards the Duomo and veer off to your right on Via del Corso N. to Monnalisa. From the outside of the store, the building looks like a little girls dream with pink walls and plenty merchandise to choose from. However, there is a modern boutique feel.

Monnalisa caters to girls and boys from six months until 14 years old. The price range for girls clothing is 39 to 570 euros. You can get everything from tights and hats to fancy dresses. They also have some accessories like a separate collar and headbands. Your daughter will have everything that she needs for a casual day on the town or the perfect dress to attend the daddy-daughter dance. The store doesn’t stop there, you can also find coats and shoes.

news new(2) (1)

There is also a winding staircase that is aligned with bows on each step to carry you to the boys section, leaving the girls below you. The price range for boys is 47 to 447 euros. Although the selection is less than the girls, from a simple hat to a leather jacket, your son will be prepared to play the day away, while also looking good and remaining warm. Boys have ties, dress shirts, vests, and pants to choose from. However, currently the brand only offers shoes for girls.

The staff of Monnalisa are very accommodating and helpful. They are very friendly, always offering a smile and more than willing to answer any questions that you may have during your shopping experience!


Anichini | Via del Parione, 59r, Firenze |

After Monnalisa, stop off for a quick lunch at the Gucci Cafe. This offers a quick shopping relief while allowing the little ones to take a break in the beautiful cafe. Afterwards, weave through the beautiful streets of Via Tornabuoni, and you will reach the oldest children’s boutique in Florence, Anichini, on Via del Parione. This establishment has been family run since 1912 and continues it’s long-standing tradition of the highest quality handmade items. Before entering, take notice of the three visually stunning windows displaying the label’s traditional children’s clothing. The boutique is quaint, but every space is completely filled with beautiful dresses, coats, shirts, and more for both boys and girls and you will be assisted the entire time by the store’s owners.

Anichini provides it’s shoppers with both items to be purchased in store and also provides a custom-made service as well. Both in store and online, you will have the option to completely customize any item for your child. Choose from Anichini’s large selection of clothing and select the fabric, sleeve style, and color for your child’s outfit. This is truly a perfect option for any christening, wedding, or holiday.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 9.26.30 PM

While in Anichini take your time admiring the soft knits, adorable bonnets, and baby shoes available. Currently, Anichini ranges in ages from newborn to 12 years old and provides both everyday items and special event wear. Girl’s dresses run anywhere from 160-300 Euro, while suits for boys are typically 145-300 Euro as well. The store prides itself on using the best Italian fabrics and carefully hand-sewn items in tune with the best Italian styles.

Shopping for your child in Anichini is truly a special experience. While wandering through the small space you are sure to find the perfect outfit for your loved one for any occasion, either for play or a special date!

IMG_5783 (1)

TAF | Via Por S. Maria, 22/r, Firenze |

Before visiting the last shop of the day, indulge everyone with a gelato break! Take your break at Grom near the Duomo before heading to TAF. TAF kids clothing is located on Via Por S. Maria, the street that connects to the Ponte Vecchio. This street is full of elegant stores, which carry items such as clothing, bags, and accessories. TAF is one of few childrens clothing stores in Florence, but it is unique for a variety of different reasons.

TAF embraces the 1950s Florentine modern style. Every piece of clothing is hand-embroidered with extreme care and craftsmanship by skilled and talented embroiderers. While at TAF, you have the option to choose from different hand-embroidered ceremony clothes for your children, as well as hand-embroidered tablecloths, bed linens, and home accessories. TAF even offers the option to customize your items with personalized initials.

Inside the store you will find an array of vintage, classic, and old-fashioned children clothing that is more on the dressy side. This type of clothing is meant for any type special occasion. Every detail of the store is finely organized to make finding the perfect outfit easy

Which children’s store would you love to visit for your little one? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget that Exclusive Fashion Tours would love to customize any and all shopping trips for you and friends while in Florence!

Florence: Where Shopping And Culture Meet

Florence allows the perfect opportunity for individuals to shop to their heart’s content, all the while basking in the rich historical grandeur that drips down from the peaks of the Roman, Renaissance and Medieval buildings.  In a city that lines its high-traffic streets with big time designers, it is only fitting that that an individual looking to tour Florence would desire for shopping opportunities to be met with cultural history. The following opportunities are Not mainstream; exclusivity has been the name of the game for these shops. Unique, high quality products and historical presence are guaranteed to satisfy a day of perfect shopping!

proconsolo4A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco | Via Santa Margherita, 50122 Firenze | 

A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco was founded by Marco De Lellis and Stella Falautano. The store specializes in high-end clothing for both men and women. It is located in a modern building and is a complete architectural gem once inside. In the store, the floor is glass allowing the shopper to view the industrial underground of Florence below them. As the shopper wanders throughout the different nooks of the store, they will notice handbags and shoes along the walls which will continuously bring the eye of the shopper back to the lit up underground.

Further, once inside A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco the shopper will quickly forget the historical Florentine architecture and will be transported into a world of modern, avant-guard designs. Each carefully selected clothing rack is organized first by designer and further by fabric and color choice. The clothing featured is perfect for a trend-setter who desires simple lines infused with a subtle wow factor. It should also be noted, that the store features one of a kind leather belts, shoes, and handbags that match the luxurious, simplistic approach of the store. A Piedi Nudi Nel Parco truly is perfect for unique luxury designs with a highly attentive and interactive staff to create the perfect Florentine shopping experience!


Stefano Ricci | Via de’ Perscioni, 50123 Firenze |

When you think of high end luxury men’s clothing, images of lemons, eagles, and moving industrial gears don’t automatically jump into your head, but if you are familiar with Stefano Ricci then they just might. Stefano Ricci is a mens lifestyle luxury brand located in the heart of Florence, on Via de’ Perscioni, which is smaller side street separating it from other high end stores such as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc. This gives it an even more ill defined quality. Stefano Ricci, a native Florentine, is the fashion designer, founder, and president of his brand and the store located in Florence is his flagship location.  Even before entering, you can tell the store screams beauty and elegance. The view through the window display is slightly blocked due to large turning clock gears making it appear as if the store is a gorgeous present waiting to be opened and you can’t wait to see what’s inside. There is also a large stained wooden door providing you the feeling that you are entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where all your wildest dreams can come true.

Stefano Ricci is the epitome of an elegant man. The items are a classic luxury, that every man can identify with from all around the world. Ties, shirts, jeans, and bags are some of the essential items found here. Ricci is known for its high quality materials ranging from crocodile to Italian leather.  Stefano Ricci Is the ultimate luxury brand for a man with an interactive staff and lavish decor to create  a pleasant Florentine shopping experience.


Scuola Del Cuoio | Piazza di Santa Croce 16, 50122, Firenze | 

Scuola Del Cuoio was created after WW II by the Franciscan friars of the Monastery of Santa Croce and the Gori an Casini families.  The reasoning of opening the school was to give orphans of the war a chance to learn a dependable trade and be able to make enough money to earn a living.  Over the decades Scuola Del Cuoio has been an institution to many international students and has been a place where many international politics have visited.  The location of this school has also drawn many tourists to visit.

Scuola del Cuoio is the largest genuine laboratory in the city, where clients can experience artisans creating leather goods. It is located in Florence near Santa Croce, near the banks of the Arno river. The location is very convenient because during the 13th century, this district held many of the industries that required an abundance of water were located. Others that make up the Santa Croce neighborhood are the Tanners of Via dell Conce and Via dei Conciatori, the dyers of Corso dei Tintori and the soap makers of Via dei Sapanai. Scuola del Cuoio follows the Florentine tradition of placing the craftsman and student side-by-side. The workshops are located in the brick-vaulted rooms of the historic Novitiate’s Courtyard.


Officina Profumo: Farmaceutica Di Santa Maria Novella | VIA DELLA SCALA 16, 50122, Firenze |

This is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world; dating back to 1221 when Dominican monks established it and began formulating products for their infirmary.  By 1612, word of their products had spread and the pharmacy became open to the public.  Today, the pharmacy still uses natural raw materials and follows the procedures of the Dominican fathers.

The lavish products vary, offering a selection of specialized shampoos, perfumes to pot-pourri, candles to liqueurs, chocolates and tea.  When asking the knowledgeable staff about the  products, they will inform you of its original medicinal purpose and  can suggest the best product for your specific needs.  Around each beautiful corner, in yet another gorgeous room, are an array of potential must-have items. The best part about your purchase is that it might as well be a necessity; it is, after-all, benefiting your health.

Upon arrival to this pharmacy, you are greeted with a beautiful building attached to the Santa Maria Novella church. The overall design and architecture of both the inside and out are reminiscent of the original, but with a slight modern twist. As soon as you step into the building you are filled with awe and are able to appreciate the history. The details in every nook and cranny of the building are breathtaking. From beautiful art, windows, chandeliers, glass cases, and shelving, the details are impeccable. The shopping experience this pharmacy provides is one that is hard to find elsewhere.

antica spezieria

Which wonderful store would you love to visit in Florence? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter! And don’t forget that Exclusive Fashion Tours is the go-to agency in Florence for the most exclusive shopping trip on your next vacation!